RAMS Facts

RAMS is recognized by the local and national social service community as having expertise in providing culturally competent mental health services to the underserved, with expertise in working with the Asian & Pacific Islander (A&PI) and Russian-speaking populations.


The agency has received numerous awards for culturally competent service delivery, clinical training, employment of people with disability, and community leadership. RAMS believes in serving clients in their primary or preferred language(s) of treatment, supporting consumer choice &empowerment, and advocating for the accessibility to services. Annually, the agency serves and outreaches to about 18,000 adults, children, youth, and families, and provides services in over 30 languages, including Asian languages & dialects – Cambodian, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Toishanese, Taiwanese), Farsi, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese – Russian and Spanish.

RAMS offers over 30 clinical programs in over 90 sites citywide, to meet the diverse community needs. Services include:
  • Adult & Older Adult and Children, Youth & Family Outpatient Services
  • Behavioral Health & Consultation Services at schools, youth centers, and childcare sites
  • Peer Counseling, Outreach, and Training Services
  • Adult Residential and Integrated Behavioral Health & Medical Support Services
  • Vocational Training and Employment Services
  • Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology (see www.ramsinc.org/naaptc), Training, and Clinical Practicum
  • Psychological Assessment and Testing
  • Adult and Youth Workforce Development & Career Pathways and Education 
  • Clinical, Cultural, and Organizational Consultation
  • Outreach and Community Organizing Activities
RAMS staff appropriately reflects the multicultural and multilingual diversity of our communities. Many staff are immigrants and/or refugees and have expertise and training in specific areas such as cross-cultural counseling, child & adolescent mental health, chemical dependency, vocational rehabilitation, art therapy, refugee trauma, family therapy, and elderly care. The multi-disciplinary provider team includes psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, marriage & family therapists, vocational rehabilitation counselors, employment consultants, certified nurse assistants, peer counselors, and mental health workers.

RAMS diverse client population 

Language (receiving ongoing services): Over 32% speak an Asian & Pacific Islander language (in order of prevalence: Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian, and Tagalog). About 6% speak Spanish and 3% speak Russian.
Ethnicity (receiving ongoing services): About 46% of our client population is Asian & Pacific Islander American
Income: Approximately 99% are below 100% of the federal poverty level (of those indicating income)
Age: About 70% are ages 20-64; 15% are ages 0-12; and 12% are ages 13-19 years old.
Insurance coverage: Approximately 99% are receiving public insurance benefits including Medi-Cal, Medicare, San Francisco Healthy Families, or are uninsured (of clients indicating coverage) RAMS has culturally competent staff to meet the growing needs of our diverse client
RAMS has culturally competent staff to meet the growing needs of our diverse client population

Number of staff: Approximately 350 employees, 25 interns/trainees, and many volunteers
Languages: 42% of service delivery staff and interns/trainees speak an Asian & Pacific Islander language. 13% of service delivery staff and interns/trainees speak Spanish. 3% of service delivery staff and interns/trainees speak Russian

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