Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Raise Independent Children with Great Social Emotional Skills

Today's guest post is from Yi Zhao, LMFT, who serves as Mental Health Consultant at the RAMS Fu Yau Project which provides prevention and early intervention mental health services to the family resource centers and childcare community that cares for children, ages 0-5 years old.

The book “How to Raise Independent Children with Great Social Emotional Skills” was born on SF MUNI. I was approached by a publisher in China to write a parenting book to address the concerns by Chinese parents— young children nowadays are very dependent and have poor social skills. Over the past four-years at RAMS Fu Yau Project, I have been working with young children in Chinatown and having weekly conversation with my mentor, Christina Shea, LMFT (RAMS Deputy Chief and Director of Clinical Services) about parenting, early childhood education, immigration and acculturation.

Thanks to these inspiring conversation and the precious experiences of working with young children and their families provided by Fu Yau Project, I actually have a lot to think, process, talk about and write about. Somehow, I am very productive when I am in movement, maybe because of my educational background in Somatic Psychology, so writing on the go- on MUNI- became my hobby. What I wrote, I believe many of my RAMS colleagues know very well, so in a sense, I am writing down the collective wisdom of Fu Yau Project. I also integrated Drama therapy, Play therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy, Expressive Art therapy, and Mindfulness practice into my writing. To me, the process of writing this book, is an embodied process. This book is written in simplified Chinese. I welcome critiques and reviews. You can feel free to purchase the book and/or share your comments on Amazon.com.cn and Dangdang.com. Thank you!

-Yi Zhao, MA, LMFT