Sunday, March 20, 2011


Once again, RAMS was proud to participate in this year's San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, held by the Center for Asian American Media. The festival features 108 films from around the globe, and is a mainstay of the San Francisco Arts and Culture calendar. It is an enjoyable and eye-opening way to learn about Asian Americans and Asian cultures.

Through the involvement of Dr. Ravi Chandra, Medical Director at RAMS Adult Outpatient Clinic as well as a blogger for the SFIAAFF column "Memoirs of a Superfan", RAMS served as a community co-presenter for two films at this year's festival: THE TAQWACORES (USA, 2010), which features young Muslim Americans on a quest for identity through punk rock; and ABRAXAS (Japan, 2010) which is about a Buddhist monk who is undergoing an identity crisis and depression - he invigorates himself by returning to his roots as a punk rocker.

Thank you Ravi and everyone who attended the event!

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